T34 Syringe Driver

T34 Syringe Driver – Training Bundle

This online module is designed to enable you to gain an understanding of the theory, pre planning and considerations when setting up a syringe driver.

Please view our Welcome Document for a breakdown of what this online training bundle contains.

T34 Power Point Presentation
This presentation will outline relevant clinical guidelines associated with the use of syringe drivers. It will identify the risk, benefits and knowledge to support the safe use of the T34 syringe driver. This theory will complement the video demonstration.

T34 Syringe Driver Training Video
This video aims to increase awareness of the safe management of the McKinley T34 Syringe Driver in palliative care in the community setting. The trainer demonstrates the use of the Syringe Driver and the equipment needed for its function.

Supporting Documents

This is a competency based training and you will need to identify an assessor within your organisation who will be able to assess your formative and summative competence using the T34 Syringe Driver.

Any further queries, please contact the Education Team at education@pth.org.uk

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