Funeral Collections

Organise a Funeral Collection

Due to coronavirus, there are now government restrictions on funeral attendance. This can be upsetting and challenging for family and friends whose loved one has died.

In England, a maximum of 30 people can attend a funeral service. However, this can depend on whether the venue is able to adhere to social distancing rules. Ask your funeral directors about their current services and restrictions on attendance.

When planning a funeral or memorial service, some people choose to ask for donations instead of flowers in memory of their loved one. It may be challenging to do this in the usual way whilst funerals are restricted though, and you may like to look at some alternative options. You could set up an online Tribute Fund – this is a personalised webpage where individuals can make their donation in memory of a loved one and remember them by posting messages, photos and memories. The date and time of a funeral can be added to your tribute page, so friends and family who are unable to attend can light a candle, pray or have a moment of reflection during the funeral. Alternatively, you could ask your friends and family to donate directly to Phyllis Tuckwell in memory of your loved one. You can donate online, by phone or by post. When we receive these funeral collection donations, we write to the family or next of kin to thank them for thinking of us.

We know that organising a funeral can be difficult, so if you have any questions please call our In-Memoriam Officer, Leanne Magee, on 01252 729446 or email