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Phyllis Tuckwell - Online Will Writing Service

Online Will Writing Service

We are very excited to have recently partnered with Octopus Legacy, an online Will writing service, to provide our supporters and staff with an easy, free way to write or update their Will all year round from the comfort of their own home.

Write your Will with Octopus Legacy

Who is Octopus Legacy?

Octopus Legacy is an online Wills provider, chosen by Phyllis Tuckwell to help you write or update your Will online for free (T&Cs apply).

This approach to Will making is quick and easy, but as secure as a face-to-face appointment. So that we can offer our supporters this service, Phyllis Tuckwell will pay a small fee to Octopus Legacy for each completed Will that includes a gift to Phyllis Tuckwell.

There's no obligation to leave a gift to Phyllis Tuckwell in your Will but, once you have provided for your loved ones, we hope you may consider it.

"The OT team have helped me tremendously. I’ve gone from thinking ‘I can’t do that’ to ‘yes I can!"

Cliff and Janet
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