Bring Your Staff Together

The past couple of years have been difficult for all of us and many companies are finding that staff feel disconnected, either from working virtually, or have been just too busy to stop and have a bit of fun.

We want to help your staff have some fun together, while also raising vital funds for Phyllis Tuckwell, so we’ve come up with some great ways for you to reignite that office camaraderie. Whether it’s virtual, in 3D or a mixture, we have lots of great fundraising ideas that will bring your staff together.

Your staff can really bring out their sporty side with our Office Olympics.
Choose from a variety of games, build a podium, make some medals, or even host an opening ceremony!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
Choose from a variety of options such as; a staff bake sale, a workplace quiz or a dress-up day to give everyone the chance to get out their posh outfits after so many months of not going out!

Whether you’re still working from home or are back in the office, inject some silliness into your working day with Tuckwell Tasks.
We’ll send you a choice of simple but funny tasks which you can complete as individuals or in teams.

Summer is here, so let’s make the most of the great outdoors.
Enjoy a sponsored walk, company picnic, BBQ or maybe even a treasure hunt. You could include your employees’ friends and family as well, to make it a really special occasion.

Join Phyllis Tuckwell in Mince Pie Mayhem this Christmas!

We have loads of fun activities based around the humble mince pie to bring a smile to your staff faces and get everyone together this festive season.

Whether you are working together or remotely, simply set up a Just Giving page and ask for a donation to take part!

Activities for Mince Pie Mayhem include:

Mince Pie Bake off
Get your best bakers competing to bake the best mince pie. After the judging, sell them for extra money!

Mince Pie Treasure Hunt
Hide the pies around the office or outside, don’t stop until you find them all!

Mince Pie Mingle
Put on your fanciest attire for a evening of mingling. Make sure the managers are involved to really connect with staff!

The Leaning Tower Of Pies
Who can create the tallest mince pie tower before it falls?

The Great Mince Pie Toss
Who can throw their pie the furthest?

Guess The filling
Bake a bunch of mince pies and compete to guess the filling!

Mince Pie dress up
Have a Christmas themed fancy dress day – the best outfit wins!

Guess The Weight/How Many In A Jar
A fair classic with a Christmas twist!

Contact Tom below to find out more!

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    Office Olympics

    Get your staff to bring out their sporty side and compete in an office Olympics. Choose your sports and ask staff for a small donation to take part and they can even select a country to represent. Choose your activities and let the games commence!

    You can make it as big as you like, decorate the office, build a podium, make some medals or even host an opening ceremony! The choice is yours, but make sure you go for gold!

    Ideas include:

    • Rubber Band Archery
    • Office Chair Sprint
    • Coaster/Doughnut Discus
    • If your office has a foosball or table tennis table why not organise a tournament
    • Mental Gymnastics (Olympic Themed Quiz)
    • Keepy uppes
    • Flip cup relay
    • Paper Plane Javelin
    • Bin Basketball
    • Sweepstake
    • Paper Penalty Shoot Out

    The Classics

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! They are called classics for a reason and we all know someone who enjoys the chance to practice their ‘Star Baker’ skills and start off the staff bake sale! Or perhaps you’d prefer to show off your general knowledge and get quizzing again. Even if it’s the old faithful ‘dress down’ or maybe even ‘dress-up’ day, there are many ways to support Phyllis Tuckwell.

    Ideas include:

    • Bake Sale
    • Pub quiz
    • Dress down days
    • Wine and cheese evening
    • Auction or Raffle
    • Charity Car Wash
    • Heads or Tails
    • Tuck Shop
    • Poker evening
    • Gin Night

    Tuckwell Tasks

    If you are still working from home, or have just come back into the office, why not inject some silliness into your routine and compete in Tuckwell Tasks. These are short fun tasks that will test your creativity.

    Let us know and we will send you a bunch of fun and enjoyable tasks for Teams/Individuals to complete. We can send lots to you in one go, for you to give out to your staff, or we can drip feed to you with a few tasks every week to keep the excitement going.

    Get silly, share a laugh and enjoy Tuckwell Tasks!

    Below are a few ideas – let us know and we can send many more to choose from.

    Ideas include:

    • Pick up the biggest item using chopsticks
    • Make the most dramatic entrance
    • Camouflage and hide yourself within a scene
    • Make something spin for the longest period of time
    • Make the best parachute for a wooden spoon (or similar) with a slow and dramatic descent
    • Get an egg as high as possible without breaking it
    • Break something into the most pieces and completely fix it

    Outdoor Activities

    Summer is here, and with the limited good weather we have, why not try an outdoor activity?

    They are easy to do whilst socially distanced and a great way to see colleagues they have not seen for a while.

    Ideas include:

    • Summer BBQ
    • Picnic in the Park
    • Team walk or country ramble
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Orienteering
    • Football Match
    • Three Legged Race