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Kilo sales

Mark your calendars as our kilo sales run from the first Saturday through to the second Saturday of the month and new stock is added daily

First Saturday to the second Saturday of the month

Retail Centre, 42 Invincible Road, Farnborough, GU14 7QU

9.30am - 4.30pm

£7.50 per kilo

Phyllis Tuckwell - Kilo sales

Our kilo sales are FREE to enter and a great way to buy quality pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories.

Doors open at 9.30am, so come along early with your bags, or you can grab a bag as you enter, and get rummaging as we have lots of rails to browse. Fill a bag with your choice of pre-loved pieces, head to the counter where one of our lovely team will weigh your items. All items are sold by weight and the price you pay will be based on the total weight.

Phyllis Tuckwell - Kilo sales

Buying clothes by the kilo is not only kind to your pocket, but to the environment too!

We have a vast selection of pre-loved items in a range of sizes and styles, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Including branded sportswear, vintage dresses, iconic casual brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry and even some high-end labels can be found like Burberry, D&G, Jimmy Choo and Dior.

By extending the life of pre-loved items, you will be keeping them out of landfill and supporting Phyllis Tuckwell patients and families.

Phyllis Tuckwell - Kilo sales

Top tips!

  • Be prepared to rummage.
  • Estimating one kilo can be tricky to grasp, try to relate to something you know, like a bag of sugar.
  • Take a tape measure to ensure the perfect fit - sizes vary in fashion.
  • If you like something BUY IT before someone else does, as all items are one-off.
  • Bring the individual cost down by adding lighter items.
  • Know your materials as fabrics such as wool and sequins will weigh more than cotton or silk. 
  • Have fun!
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Please help us

All our services are free, but this is only possible due to the generosity of our amazing community. The Government/NHS only provide 25% of our costs, so we need to raise over £25,000 every day to provide our vital services.

Please donate what you can to help keep hospice care available to all those in our community who need us.

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