September Shave for Hospice Care

September Shave for Hospice Care

Caption: Phyllis Tuckwell’s Community Fundraiser Samantha West had her head shaved last year, to raise money for Hospice Care.

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care is looking for plucky fundraisers to join its sponsored head shave on Sunday 16th September.

Held at Stratford’s Barber Shop in Aldershot’s Wellington Centre, the fundraising event will raise money to help fund the supportive and end of life care which Phyllis Tuckwell provides for patients and families in Surrey and Hampshire who are living with an advanced or terminal illness, such as cancer.

“We’re hoping to get a small group of people together, to have their heads or beards shaved,” said Samantha West, Community Fundraiser at Phyllis Tuckwell, who had her head shaved for Phyllis Tuckwell last year. “There will be live music and lots of supporters will be there to offer encouragement and cheer everyone on. I was a bit nervous when I had my head shaved, but it was fine. I had it shaved to a grade 1 length and I actually really liked it! It was definitely worth it, as I know how important the money raised is, in helping Phyllis Tuckwell to provide its vital care.”

If you’re feeling brave, come along on 16th Sept to get your head shaved! Contact Phyllis Tuckwell’s Fundraising team for details of how to get sponsored. For more information about the event, visit or