Phyllis Tuckwell Thanks Amazing Volunteers!

Volunteers at local charity Phyllis Tuckwell were celebrated and thanked last weekend at a reception held by the charity at Monksfield House in Tilford.

The event was held on Sunday 11th August and saw around 300 of Phyllis Tuckwell’s volunteers gather in the beautiful grounds of this delightful house, whose owners are supporters of Phyllis Tuckwell and who kindly hosted the event free of charge. As 2019 is Phyllis Tuckwell’s 40th anniversary, the celebration marked 40 years of invaluable support from volunteers who have helped this vital local charity grow from caring for 250 patients a year in 1979, to now supporting over 250 patients, relatives and carers every day.

The volunteers were invited to bring along a guest with them, and were served tea and cakes by Phyllis Tuckwell’s staff, including its Chief Executive Sarah Brocklebank, as a thank you for all the support they have given the charity over the years. They were also able to wander around the beautiful grounds, enjoying the summer afternoon.

“Our volunteers are amazing!” said Sarah Brocklebank, Chief Executive at Phyllis Tuckwell.  “They are so generous with their time and skills, and bring so much to our organisation. Without them we simply wouldn’t be able to provide the level and breadth of care that we can give to our patients and their families. The added value of the time and support they offer to the charity equates to about £2m a year! From driving patients to and from the Hospice and Beacon Centre, to helping on reception, serving patients teas and coffees, and volunteering in our shops, they help in every area of our work. The number of people who have volunteered for Phyllis Tuckwell over the last 40 years is now well into the thousands, and we would like to thank each and every one of them!”

Phyllis Tuckwell provides supportive and end of life care for local patients and families who are living with an advanced or terminal illness, such as cancer, and its volunteers help in all aspects of its care. Many are therapists, counsellors or healthcare professionals who are looking for a way to give something back to the community, some are students hoping for a career in healthcare and in need of experience, or individuals who want to re-train or get back into work after having had some time off, while others volunteer in memory of a loved one or simply to make friends and do something worthwhile. Phyllis Tuckwell gives them the support they need to develop their skills, take on fulfilling roles and really feel that they are making a difference.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering for Phyllis Tuckwell, please contact its Voluntary Services team on 01252 729400 or email [email protected]. Whatever your skill, training or interest, there’s a place for you.

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