Occupational Therapy

phyllis Tuckwell HospicePhyllis Tuckwell employs a team of four part-time Occupational Therapists, who enable patients to maintain their personal independence and quality of life. An Occupational Therapist may visit you at home, see you on the In-Patient Unit, Day Hospice or as an outpatient in the Dove Centre or Beacon Centre.

The team will talk with you and your family and give advice to enable you to continue your day to day activities as normally as possible. Your Occupational Therapist may be able to suggest appropriate pieces of equipment, or suitable adaptations to your home which will make life easier.

Where symptoms of fatigue, anxiety or breathlessness are affecting your daily life, you may benefit from learning different coping strategies, to better manage these symptoms.  This can be with individual sessions with an Occupational Therapist, or by attending our Living Well workshops.

Whether you are an in-patient or out-patient, our Occupational Therapists will help you to continue your day-to-day life as normally as possible, because carrying out everyday activities is important to your well-being. To read more about how Occupational Therapy can help you, please read about what we do and the specialist equipment we use.

We also produce information leaflets on a range of topics to inform and support, including our new Social and Therapeutic Horticulture sessions that we now offer patients at the Hospice in Farnham and Beacon Centre in Guildford. Our full range of leaflets can be found on the information leaflets page.

For professionals wanting to refer a North East Hampshire palliative patient, please call 01252 729400