Medical and Nursing Services

The medical and nursing staff are responsible for caring for patients in the In-Patient Unit and our Care at Home service, as many patients choose to be treated and cared for in the comfort of their own home. They work closely with the other members of the clinical team to help ensure the Hospice Care team is providing the best possible all-round care for patients.

Medical Service
Our medical team, led by Dr Cate Seton-Jones, is made up of a team of consultants, specialty doctors, GP assistants and junior doctors in training. The consultant staff are all specialists in Palliative Medicine and bring wide ranging experience from both general practice and hospital medicine backgrounds. The consultant staff are supported by specialty doctors and GP clinical assistants, all of whom have years of experience at Phyllis Tuckwell.

The medical staff work as a team, caring for patients in a variety of settings; the In-Patient Unit, the Outpatients Centre at the Farnham Hospice and Guildford Beacon Centre, in hospitals and in patients’ homes. Many patients and families will therefore meet several of the doctors whilst being supported by the service. We work closely with the other members of the clinical team to help ensure we are providing the best possible all-round care for patients.

As well as directly caring for patients, one of our other roles is training junior doctors and medical students, who will form part of the team at any given time. We also offer training and education courses to other healthcare professionals, such as community nursing staff and senior school students hoping to pursue a career in medicine. In so doing, we aim to improve palliative treatment for patients not under our direct care, increase awareness of hospice care services and encourage the doctors and nurses of the future into careers in palliative care.

Our other main responsibility is to help develop local services for patients, to improve the palliative care they receive whether they be at home, in hospital, in a care home, an inpatient at the Hospice or from the The Beacon Centre. Some of these services will be provided directly by Phyllis Tuckwell staff but many others will be provided by other healthcare organisations. An important aspect of this role is to work with other staff to monitor and improve standards of care to ensure patient safety and the delivery of the best quality services possible.

Clinical Nurse Specialists
The first point of contact with Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care is usually with one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS’s).

The Clinical Nurse Specialist Team:

  • Provide full assessment of patients and families needs and concerns
  • Provide expert advice to control symptoms such as pain and vomiting
  • Allow open discussions about death and dying
  • Support with advance care planning and care at end-of-life
  • Provide emotional, psychological and practical support for patients and their carers
  • Act as the key liaison between patient, GP and District Nurses
  • Provide ongoing patient and carer information and support, focusing on improving the quality of life at home
  • Help to identify individual needs and refer to others within the Phyllis Tuckwell team if required

Those patients who require Clinical Nurse Specialist support, receive ongoing support at home and a continuous link with Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care. If you would like to contact our Clinical Nurse Specialist team please call 01252 729421 or email

Our community nurses aim to provide high-quality palliative care and up-to-date advice on symptom control. They also provide support for you and your family’s emotional and spiritual needs.

In all we do, we aim to help you to maximise your independence and quality of life. We provide support to patients and families in making difficult decisions about future care. We also liaise closely with your GP, District Nurse and other health care providers about the care you or your relatives and friends require.

Hospice Care at Home nursing team

The Hospice Care at Home team is led by registered nurses with specialist palliative care experience. We work closely with GPs, district nurses and our community and hospital palliative care teams, as well as with other healthcare professionals involved in your care.

Our senior healthcare assistants can provide 24/7 hands-on care and support to you and your family. They help to support your choice to be at home in the last few days of life, this may be in your own home, a residential or nursing home. Our experienced senior Health Care Assistants have received training in palliative nursing care through Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care.

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