Chaplaincy Support

We are here to come alongside and spiritually support all on their journey to and through death, as well as relatives and friends who are caring for their loved ones.

We presently have 8 volunteer chaplains who are associated with different church denominations – all are trained and able to have open discussions regarding spirituality and faith issues. We also have a contact database for those of other faiths as well as the Humanist Society and so we can liaise as required to enable a meeting. We respect those of all faiths and none (please select here to see the Phyllis Tuckwell multi-faith statement), understanding that a person’s spirituality has many forms and expressions in life.

We are predominantly alongside you to listen – our motto is “meet people where they are and love them!” We love to hear what is important to you – and are quite happy to talk about gardening or the weather! We are able to visit at home, in the Day Hospice, at the Beacon Centre or on the In-Patient Unit.

If you would like we can pray for and with you and your loved ones. We can also give communion, anoint, baptise, bless and marry people!

We can help you to:

  • Explore your individual sense of meaning and purpose in life.
  • Explore any spiritual, faith or religious attitudes, beliefs, ideas, values and concerns around your journey together with life and death issues.
  • Affirm your life and worth by encouraging you to reminisce about the past; help you to gently address issues that you might want resolved; help you face the difficulties of the present and look to the future.
  • Explore your hopes and fears for yourselves, your family and friends.
  • Explore the “WHY” questions with regard to faith in relation to life, death and suffering.
  • We can advise and assist with funeral planning and conduct funerals should you so wish.

The Hospice has a small chapel, which is used for quiet moments of reflection as well as religious services for visitors and patients. The Chaplains are in the Hospice Monday to Friday (and on special festivals) and provide spiritual care for patients, relatives and staff. A short service of Holy Communion takes place in the chapel on Wednesday afternoons and all are welcome. However, we understand that some people may wish to see someone of their own faith and we are happy to arrange this.

For more information on our chaplaincy support which is part of the Phyllis Tuckwell Patient and Family Support team, please contact us on 01252 729430