Caring for you as an Outpatient

The Dove Centre, based at the Hospice in Farnham, is a comfortable outpatient facility. Its development has been centred on giving patients and their carers more choice about where and how they wanted to receive care and treatment.

The word ‘hospice’, often causes a feeling of uncertainty and apprehension, as it infers final days in a bed. However Hospice Care is so much more, so we have developed a more flexible approach to accessing services through our Dove Centre. This offers patients and carers the opportunity to receive palliative care support, treatment and advice in an informal setting.

The Dove Centre incorporates a selection of outpatient consulting rooms, Therapy Treatment rooms and is the centre for our Patient & Family Support team.

There are a variety of outpatient services available on Wednesdays, the appointment system is similar to that of a hospital, but the atmosphere and general ambience is much more comfortable and relaxed. Appointments are for 30 or 45 minutes, giving patients and their carers time to talk with the clinician they are visiting.

Half day sessions in the Dove Lounge are also available on Wednesdays, providing patients and carers with the opportunity to meet with others for mutual support. This is particularly suited to patients with high levels of tiredness that cannot manage a full day on a Tuesday or Friday. The day room also provides a comfortable setting for patients to relax between appointments. To find out more information information about the Day Hospice services, please call 01252 729411 or email

Out-Patient services available:

Home visits can encroach on individual privacy and quality family time. If you feel well enough, the advantage of coming to the Dove Centre is you can seek advice from a clinician and receive a therapeutic treatment in a single visit. It also provides an opportunity to look around the Hospice and meet with others for mutual support.

For more information about our Dove Centre services, please call 01252 729400

The Day Centre at our Beacon Centre in Guildford is also available for outpatient Appointments and is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between 9am and 4.30pm.