Patients, Families & Friends

Patient and Family Support

For nearly 40 years Phyllis Tuckwell has been caring and supporting patients, families and friends who have been given the worst possible news.

We have a range of free services to ensure that adult patients and families living with an advanced or terminal illness (such as cancer, heart, lung or neurological disease) can make the most of their lives…because every day is precious. This expresses the reason we are here and why we do what we do. It captures the sentiment of patients, carers, families and friends…and the wider community. It is sensitive to the fact we may be talking days, or weeks, or years. Whatever time is left, we’re here…because every day is precious.

We offer a range of supportive and end of life care services for patients, families and friends including carers.  In addition to the In-Patient Unit and Care at Home services, we have recently introduced a number of “Living Well” services. Communication for the Living Well activities is currently in hand, but here are some of the meetings and groups we’re currently offering…

Patient Support

Brush with Art
Open House

Family Support

Little Rays (children’s group)
Storm (teenagers group)

Carer Support

Open House

For more information regarding any of our Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care services for Patients, Families and Friends, please email or call 01252 729430