Our Physiotherapists help patients improve their quality of life and remain as independent as possible through all the stages of their illness. They assess patients’ current and future needs, and develop an individual programme for each patients to enable them to live as full and active a life as possible.

They can help patients:

  • improve their independence,
  • manage daily activities,
  • reduce pain and stiffness,
  • increase mobility and muscle strength,
  • improve control of breathlessness.

They may do this through:

  • Exercise programmes to improve or maintain flexibility and strength.
  • Positioning and assisted movements to improve comfort in bed.
  • Providing walking aids to increase independence.
  • Advice on managing breathlessness and clearing secretions.
  • Assessment and treatment of pain.
  • Advice on relaxation techniques, conserving energy and managing everyday activities.
  • Advice for carers on helping patients move around safely.
  • Acupuncture.

Patients can receive Physiotherapy support through our Living Well services, at home, and as an In-Patient.