Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists see beyond diagnoses and limitations. They focus on hopes and aspirations.

They work with patients to recommend adjustments to the way they live by looking at the relationship between the activities they do every day, the challenges they’re facing, and their environment. These adjustments are practical, realistic, and personal to each patient, to help them achieve the breakthroughs they need to elevate their everyday life. 

Our Occupational Therapists help patients continue living their day-to-day life as normally as possible. They will discuss any difficulties that patients may be experiencing with:

  • Looking after themselves,
  • Looking after their home and family,
  • Coping with symptoms that affect what they are able to do,
  • Continuing with their work, leisure and social activities.

They may be able to suggest appropriate pieces of equipment, or suitable adaptations to the home which will make life easier, or teach coping strategies to help with symptoms of fatigue, anxiety or breathlessness.

Patients can receive Occupational Therapy support through our Living Well services, at home, and as an In-Patient.