Facing grief

Most of us at some time in our lives will be faced with the death of someone we care deeply about. For those loved one has died under the care of Phyllis Tuckwell, we offer a range of bereavement support services to help you through this difficult time, covering topics such as reacting to loss, facing grief and learning to cope.

If you have already accessed emotional support from a member of the Patient & Family Support team and feel you would like to continue to see the same person we will do our very best to make this happen. However we also have a team of staff and volunteers, who are trained and have a huge amount of experience and knowledge in how to support people who are grieving.

The bereavement support services we offer can be found here: Our Bereavement Support Services

For more information on the areas where we can help you, please contact the Patient & Family Support team on 01252 729430 or email pafs@pth.org.uk.

Although everyone reacts to the death of a loved one in different ways, we have a leaflet on dealing with grief and a booklet on emotional support, which may be of help. For more information about different groups and bereavement support services, please see our Resources page.
Bereavement support is part of the Phyllis Tuckwell Patient & Family Support team; they can be contacted on 01252 729430 or emailed at pafs@pth.org.uk.