Welcome to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care
This page is to give you an idea of what and whereabouts our services are in the Hospice building as well as at the Beacon Centre. Please click on the different areas of the floor plans to find out more information.

Welcome to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care

Behind the bricks and mortar of the Hospice and the Beacon Centre, there is so much to show you! Here you can make your way around by clicking on the different areas of the buildings and see what we do...and where.

You can also see watch a video on one of our patient's experiences with Phyllis Tuckwell.

Welcome to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care
Dove Centre In-Patient Unit Patient and Family Support Coffee Shop Dove Lounge Chapel Barnard Therapy Room Kitchen and Housekeeping Hospice Care at Home Barnard Meeting Room Clinical Nurse Specialists Garden Day Centre Fundraising and Retail Administration Offices Community Team / Hospice Home Support Doctors and Clinical Administration Offices

Dove Centre

The Dove Centre is our community focused Out-Patient facility based at the front of the Hospice. Its development has been centred on giving patients and their carers more choice about where and how they wanted to receive care and treatment, and is home to our range of therapies.

All our therapy services from Phyllis Tuckwell are provided for the patients on the In-Patient Unit, those attending Day Hospice/Day Centre, at home or in the community, and as Out-Patients at the Beacon Centre or Dove Centre.

Where symptoms of fatigue, anxiety or breathlessness are affecting your daily life, you may benefit from learning different coping strategies, to better manage these symptoms. This can be with individual sessions with an Occupational Therapist, or by attending our Wellbeing Workshops.  We also produce information leaflets on a range of topics to inform and support, including our new Social and Therapeutic Horticulture sessions that we now offer patients at the Hospice in Farnham and the Beacon Centre in Guildford.

Our Physiotherapists make a careful assessment of patients' current and future needs and will develop an individual programme with patients to enable them to continue as full and active a life as possible. Please watch our Physiotherapy exercise video here.

Complementary Therapies are offered to our patients for well being, relaxation and management of distressing symptoms and we will discuss with the patient the best therapy for their particular situation.

In-Patient Unit

The In-Patient Unit has 18 beds - 2 wards (male and female) with 4 beds in each and 10 single rooms. The wards and individual rooms are used for respite, symptom management and end of life care. Some of the rooms have double doors that open out into the garden. There are no specific visiting hours, and in addition to a family room that allows two beds to be locked together, we can even bring in airbeds if the entire family want to stay over. Pets are also allowed to visit.

Here is a video we made for International Nurses Day 2017 of our nurses.

Patient and Family Support

Counselling, bereavement support, social work - our Patient & Family Support team is involved at all stages, from diagnosis through to post bereavement. When a patient is first diagnosed, the initial meeting could be with our Benefits and Entitlements team who can help arrange blue badge, assistance with mortgage relief etc.

We have a team of counsellors, social workers and child psychologists, with qualified volunteers supporting patients and their families. Please watch our short video on our counselling and bereavement services available.

Little Rays and Storm are our two support groups for children and teenagers who have a relative or friend who is, or was, under the care of Phyllis Tuckwell.

Coffee Shop

Our coffee shop is used by families, visitors, volunteers and staff. With hot food and drinks available, a TV and kids area, it's close to the In-Patient Unit, so is really a great place to sit comfortably, have a bite to eat and a cuppa, 7 days a week.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm.

Dove Lounge

The Dove Lounge is home to our Day Hospice, which is open three days a week – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays – between 10am and 3pm. Patients can choose to attend a full session or just come in for a few hours in the afternoon, if they have lower energy levels.

It is the perfect place to meet for a chat, receive some therapies...and importantly gives carers a day off for time for themselves. We've had all finds of events here, from carer pamper days to Polycarp's School choir performing, from creative writing classes to table top gardening, there's something for everyone.


We are here to come alongside and spiritually support all on their journey to and through death, as well as relatives and friends who are caring for their loved ones.

The Hospice has a small chapel, which is used for quiet moments of reflection, as well as religious services for visitors and patients (recently we arranged for one patient to be Confirmed in a special service in the Chapel). The Chaplains are in the Hospice Monday to Friday (and on special festivals) and provide spiritual care for patients, relatives and staff. A short service of Holy Communion takes place in the chapel on Wednesday afternoons and all are welcome.

Spirituality is non-denominational, so we care for people from all faiths or none. We understand that some people may wish to see someone of their own faith, so we are very happy to arrange this. Please watch our Spiritual Support video for an added insight into this service.

For more information on our chaplaincy support which is part of the Phyllis Tuckwell Patient and Family Support Team, please contact us on 01252 729430

Barnard Therapy Room

Our therapies team work with our patients in our therapy room and are able to suggest appropriate pieces of equipment, or suitable adaptations to your home which will make life easier. Parallel bars, stairs, bath lifts - all can be tried and tested here to help our patients feel confident in their day-to-day activities and remain independent for as long as they can.

Kitchen and Housekeeping

The kitchen is where the magic happens! A whole menu of lovely food is created here for our patients. Our Housekeeping staff are key to keeping the Hospice spick and span, making it a home-from-home for our patients and visitors.

Hospice Care at Home

The Hospice Care at Home Nurses are based at the Beacon Centre but cover the whole of our catchment area. They provide timely, practical, skilled nursing care in the patient’s home offering calm, sensitive emotional support to the patients and their families at the end of life.

If you have any questions regarding our Hospice Care at Home services, please call 01252 913056 (8am-8pm – with answerphone if out of office) or 01252 729400

Barnard Meeting Room

This room is the biggest of all of our meeting rooms, where we host training courses and workshops, presentations, induction days for new staff and volunteers, and meetings.

Equipped with full AV facilities it can be hired by other groups. Call 01252 729400 for details.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

The first point of contact with Phyllis Tuckwell is usually with one of our Community Team of Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS’s).

The Clinical Nurse Specialist team will:
– Provide full assessment of patients and families needs and concerns
– Provide expert advice to control symptoms, such as pain and vomiting
– Allow open discussions about death and dying
– Support with advance care planning and care at end-of-life
– Provide emotional, psychological and practical support for patients and their carers
– Act as the key liaison between patient, GP and District Nurses
– Provide ongoing patient and carer information and support, focusing on improving the quality of life at home
– Help to identify individual needs and refer to others within the Phyllis Tuckwell team if required.

Those patients who require Clinical Nurse Specialist support, receive ongoing support at home and a continuous link with Phyllis Tuckwell.

If you would like to contact our Community Team please call 01252 729421 or email info@pth.org.uk


We have a beautiful garden at the Hospice tended to regularly by our volunteer gardeners. You can socialise on our patio, or just sit quietly and listen to the birds. We also have a Memory Tree, a beautiful handmade copper sculpture situated in a quiet, private part of the Hospice garden. From its branches hang individually-crafted, delicate copper leaves each engraved in memory of a loved one. You can dedicate a leaf via our online shop.

Day Centre

This room, located at the Beacon Centre is where the Day Centre activities are held for out-patients. Every Monday at 2pm there is an aerobics class held by our Physiotherapists. It's a great place for patients to come to meet others, get out of the house and even enjoy the odd massage.

The Day Assessment and Therapy Unit at our Beacon Centre in Guildford is also available for Out-Patient Appointments and is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between 9am and 4.30pm.

Fundraising and Retail

We have to raise well over £20,000 every day to be able to offer our Hospice Care services for free. Our fundraising and retail teams are busy at work, planning events, supporting community fundraisers, managing relationships with corporate partners, and running our 19 charity shops in the local area - all from this office!

Administration Offices

There's a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on. Here are various offices including: Chief Exec, Finance, Marketing & Communications, Human Resources, Estates & IT, Education, Quality & Audit, Volunteer Administration...all as equally passionate about the care we offer our patients and their families, so are dedicated to keeping our Charity running efficiently.

Community Team / Hospice Home Support

The first point of contact with Phyllis Tuckwell is usually with one of our Community Team of Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS’s).

Following a full assessment of patients and families needs and concerns, the Clinical Nurse Specialist team will provide expert advice to control symptoms and ease pain.

They will help identify which Hospice Care services are appropriate for a patient's needs. Those patients who require Clinical Nurse Specialist support, receive ongoing support at home and a continuous link with Phyllis Tuckwell.

As part of Phyllis Tuckwell’s drive to strengthen support available to patients at home, and provide much needed support for their families, we now offer Hospice Home Support (HHS). HHS provides volunteer support to patients and their families in their own homes, thereby helping patients to stay at home, sometimes for much longer than would otherwise be possible. This could include assistance with shopping, ironing, taking the patient on outings, helping with their children, accompanying the patient on hospital visits or simply allowing the carer a few hours break. An HHS volunteer is often described as a “good friend” by many of the HHS patients – someone who will listen and befriend.

If you would like to contact our Community Team please call 01252 729421 or email info@pth.org.uk

Doctors and Clinical Administration Offices

Our medical team, led by Dr Cate Seton-Jones, is made up of a team of consultants, speciality doctors, GP assistants and junior doctors in training. The consultant staff are all specialists in Palliative Medicine and bring wide ranging experience from both general practice and hospital medicine backgrounds. The consultant staff are supported by speciality doctors and GP clinical assistants, all of whom have years of experience at Phyllis Tuckwell.