Relaxation Therapies

Helping you relax

Therapies aimed at helping those who are experiencing breathlessness, stress or anxiety, low energy levels or having trouble sleeping.

Managing Breathlessness

This four-week course is aimed at patients and carers who are struggling to manage breathing. It includes gentle exercise and teaches controlled breathing techniques for those are often out of breath. Advice is also given on relaxation techniques and psychological strategies, helping patients to maximise their independence and improve their quality of life.

Learn to Relax

Introducing the benefits of relaxation, this course teaches patients and carers different techniques to help relieve tension, feel more energetic and sleep better. A different relaxation technique will be focussed on at each session and participants will learn about how relaxation can help manage worry and anxiety, boost low energy levels and help them to sleep.

Guided Relaxation

For patients and carers, this emotionally uplifting introduction to relaxation explores how we can move into the positive area of the brain to help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and increase feelings of peacefulness and positive thinking. The sessions end with a guided relaxation.

Good Night’s Sleep

Suitable for patients and carers who are struggling to sleep well, these sessions teach participants about normal sleep and sleeping patterns, and enable them to try some self-help techniques to help them sleep better, as well as practising relaxation techniques specifically designed to improve sleep.

Holistic Therapies

Suitable for patients wishing to learn more about Complementary Therapies and how they can use them at home. Focusing on the body, mind and spirit, and using aromatherapy oils, our Complementary Therapists can make creams, lotions and aromasticks to help manage patients’ physical and emotional symptoms, such as anxiety, stress, panic, insomnia, nausea and shortness of breath. They can also teach patients and carers massage techniques to help with aches and pains, skin health and constipation. The therapies also include meditation, relaxation and hand massage using reflexology points, all of which will leave patients feeling calm and uplifted, restoring balance physically, emotionally and spiritually – soothing the holistic body.

Holistic Therapy sessions include:

   Soothing the Body

   Calming the Mind

   Lifting the Spirit

   Look Good Feel Better.