Movement Therapies

Addressing fatigue and poor mobility

Therapies designed to help with symptoms such as fatigue and poor mobility.

Exercise Group

Weekly exercise classes held at the Hospice and Beacon Centre, for patients who are independently mobile, can engage with their own fitness programme and would benefit from improving their fitness and muscle strength. After a warm-up, patients complete gentle circuit-type exercises which are tailored to their individual needs, and are supported in this by a PTHC Physiotherapist and volunteer staff.

Staying Power

For patients and carers who are suffering from fatigue, tiredness or low energy levels, or have conditions or treatments which are likely to cause fatigue. Attendees must be able to participate in group discussions. They will learn what fatigue is, be taught ways to manage low energy levels, and practice relaxation techniques to restore their energy and feel more energetic. Carers can attend sessions with the patient they care for or on their own, and will learn how to manage patients’ fatigue as well as being able to apply the techniques to their own energy levels.

Improve Your Balance

For all mobile patients who are at risk of falling or need to improve their balance. This six-week programme includes muscle-strengthening exercises, techniques on how to prevent a fall and advice on staying safe at home.

Adapted Tai Chi

This four-week course gives patients and carers an introduction to seated Tai Chi. Through slow, gentle movements, as well as meditation, visualisation and mindfulness, patients and their carers can find a sense of peace which can help them cope with everyday life.

Getting Back to Exercise

This eight-week physiotherapy-led exercise course is designed for patients who are keen to get back into regular exercise. It aims to increase confidence and promote regular activity. Patients are given an assessment before joining the group, and then follow an individually-tailored exercise programme both in the sessions and at home. Advice on relevant topics – such as diet and nutrition, maximising energy levels, and relaxation – are also included.