Emotional Therapies

Therapies to help you cope

These therapies enable participants to express their feelings and teach strategies to help them cope with the emotional impact of illness.

Managing Stress & Anxiety

This is a therapeutic group aimed at helping you manage feelings and behaviours associated with stress and anxiety. The group facilitator will encourage collective discussion and guide you through a series of techniques to enable you to develop management and coping strategies to minimise the effects of stress and anxiety in your life.

Coping & Resilience

At this group session, patients are taught strategies using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which can help to reduce worry, anxiety and emotional distress, and help them to cope with the physical symptoms of their illness as well as changes to their relationships with other people, their view of their own 

body image and their physical ability to do things.

These sessions run in partnership with ‘Talk Plus’ (a free NHS primary care mental health service).

Managing your mood

This is a therapeutic group aimed at helping you understand how behaviour can influence our feelings. The group facilitator will encourage collective discussion and guide you through a series of sessions designed to help you manage your mood and cope with the effects of depression.

Reflecting on the Past

Patients and carers are welcome at this group session which focuses on reminiscence, a naturally occurring mental process which we all engage in. By looking back and thinking about the past, we can remember all that we have been and all that we have seen, done and accomplished, and from this we can establish a sense of identity, rather than just seeing yourselves, or being seen by others, as a ‘patient’ or ‘carer’.

Recording your Memories

Working with the Hospice Biographers charity, we offer patients the opportunity to record their life story and messages for loved ones onto a memory card which they can keep or give to their family or friends. The recording is done by specially trained volunteers who help patients get the best therapeutic benefit from the process. Coping with an advanced or terminal illness can leave people feeling confused, upset and alone, and telling their story can help the healing process, as well as creating special memories for their family and friends to keep and treasure.


These sessions give patients and carers an opportunity to pause and find time for themselves. It can help people who are experiencing emotional problems, teaching them how to cope and become more resilient. There are weekly sessions for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety. Carers are also very welcome.