Family & Carer Support

Supporting the supporters

We support families and carers, enabling them to find time and space for themselves and learn practical ways of coping with being a carer.

Carer Support Group

These sessions run throughout the year and are aimed at individuals who are caring for a patient who has an advanced or terminal illness.

Each session lasts for two hours and is led by a healthcare professional, with guest speaker sessions. They offer constructive support to help carers find some time and space for themselves, understand how caring for someone can affect their own personal wellbeing, and learn practical ways of coping with being a carer.

Sessions include a discussion around planned topics such as:

    • Relaxation
    • Coping with anxiety and stress
    • Guilt
    • Communication, including assertiveness
    • Understanding financial benefits and entitlements
    • Dietary advice
    • Looking after your back and assisting safely
    • Acknowledging carer fatigue/tiredness.

There will be plenty of advice and information about being a carer, and carers can discuss their situation with others. They are welcome to share their own personal experiences of caring, but will not be asked to share anything which they do not feel comfortable with.

Carers’ Clinics

Our Carers’ Clinics are usually held on alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Hospice. We offer a range of complementary therapies which can help aid relaxation and wellbeing, improve sleep, lower stress and anxiety levels, and ease muscular aches and pains. These include; Relaxing Massage, Indian Head Massage, Natural Lift Facial Massage and Energy Healing. Perfect for carers who are feeling stressed, worried or tense.

Seasonal Family Events

These sessions, during the main school holidays, are suitable for patients and families who would benefit from the opportunity for the family to do or create something together, and enjoy support from other families in the same situation.

It enables families to feel supported and know that they are not alone. Example stand-alone sessions include cooking, gardening or art and craft, where patients and their children or grandchildren can create something together that the family can enjoy, strengthening family bonds, giving a sense of achievement and building lasting memories.

Access to Information & Support

There is a whole programme of support and information for carers and families available within our Living Well services. As well as providing information and practical advice, we ensure that families are supported both physically and emotionally. 

Carer Therapies

Many of our Living Well activities are aimed at both patients and their carers or family members to attend together. Some offer help and advice with managing symptoms such as anxiety or fatigue, others offer a creative outlet for the feelings and emotions which can build when living with an advanced or terminal illness. We will provide guidance about which activities are appropriate for carers and relatives to attend.

Supporting Children

Coming to terms with the illness and death of a loved one can be an overwhelming experience for adults and children alike. Children may struggle with uncertainties and fears which they can find difficult to cope with and hard to talk about.

This is where our dedicated Child & Family Support team can help. We work with parents and schools to help them understand and support the child or children in their care. Sessions with a Phyllis Tuckwell Counsellor or Psychologist can help children and families to discuss their feelings in a safe and supportive space, and we also work with teachers to help them understand what the child may be experiencing and learn how to support them at school.