Child & Family Support

Coming to terms with a loved one having an advanced or terminal illness and their death can be an overwhelming experience for adults and children alike. Children may be left with many uncertainties, fears and difficult issues to cope with and often find these very hard to talk about, especially to another close family member or friend. Often, not acknowledging children are involved and what is going on is a common way families struggle to cope.

This is where our dedicated Child & Family Support team of counsellors and psychologists can help. We will work with parents and guardians alike, helping you to understand your own fears and prepare you to support the children/young person in your care. We can do this with 1:1 work, couple work and family work either in your own home, at the Beacon Centre in Guildford or at the Hospice in Farnham.

For more information on the areas where we can help you, please read our ‘Because you’re important too’ booklet or contact the Patient & Family Support team on 01252 729430 or email

Carl’s story shows his family’s experience of the care from Phyllis Tuckwell, and the continuing support after Emily died.