Care for a Carer, Relative or Friend

The effect of an advanced or terminal illness can go further than just the patient. Their main carer, and those in their family or friendship network who help to look after them, also often need support. Caring for you as a relative or friend is key, which is why we offer a number of services to support you.

If you are a carer, relative, or friend of a patient, you can contact the Patient & Family Support team to receive advice, support or therapies. Please let us know whether you would prefer to be seen at Headway House in Farnham, the Beacon Centre in Guildford, or in your own home.

We provide emotional and practical support for patients and their families that consists of:

Counsellors and Psychologists
Can help determine the support you or your family may need.
Pastoral Care
A team of chaplains to have open discussions regarding spirituality and faith issues, for people of all faiths or none.
Patient & Family Advisors
Advice and support to both patients and their carers to access financial, practical and legal matters.
Complementary Therapies
For relatives and friends who are seeking support in relaxation and management of distressing symptoms.
Supporting the Supporters
There are several groups available at the Beacon Centre.

All of our services are free of charge. Please contact us if you would like to find out more information or use any of our Patient & Family Support services. Call 01252 729430 or email [email protected]

If you have recently received care through our Carers Group, please give us your feedback, so we can continually improve. Click here.