If you have have any Covid-19/coronavirus symptoms, (high temperature or new consistent cough) please do not visit us.

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Patient Stories

Our patients and their families are always telling us how much Phyllis Tuckwell mean to them, and how important the services we offer are to our local community. No-one can say it better than those who have found comfort and peace of mind from Phyllis Tuckwell when they truly need us.


How physiotherapy and hypnotherapy can help those living with cancer.

A keen runner, swimmer and cyclist, Roger was used to keeping fit and active. “We would take the grandchildren swimming,” he remembers, “and go cycling on Sunday mornings.” Roger had been forced to stop running due to arthritis…

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Living Well services at the Hospice.

Evelyn was initially diagnosed with cancer five years ago. “I actually got over that,” she says, “I was fine. Then last year it was my husband’s birthday, and I put on a little party for him. I was getting some pain and my daughter said ‘you’d better go back to the doctor’ which I did, and it’s come back.”

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Physiotherapy and complementary therapy support for cancer and lymphoedema patients

“I love Thursdays,” says Gill. “Thursdays are my days. I look forward to them all week. In the morning I come to the Hospice for my exercise class and in the evening I go to a choir for breast cancer survivors.” Gill started attending…

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Day Hospice – Therapies

Edward started coming to one of our weekly Day Hospice sessions, which run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10am-4pm….

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