Building a new Hospice

We are building a new Hospice

Demand for our services is at an all-time high and there is an urgent need for additional palliative care in our area. To be able to help everyone that needs us, both now and in the future, we are building a new Hospice. At a cost of £16 million, the new purpose-built Hospice will larger, better equipped and offer a range of new and improved facilities that will allow us to help tens of thousands more people. To fund this exceptional project we have launched a special fundraising appeal to raise £6 million. If you can help us with this, we should love to hear from you.

What will happen to services in the meantime?

The new hospice will replace our existing Hospice, much of which was built over 90 years ago, and is sadly no longer fit for purpose. During the building works we shall continue to provide our full range of services, just from specially adapted temporary accommodation.

What will the new Hospice look like and what will it offer?

The new purpose-built Hospice will offer not just more space and facilities, enabling us to help many more people each year, it will allow us to offer greater levels of comfort, privacy and dignity to patients and their families, loved ones and carers. Overall, we anticipate that the new Hospice will allow us to annually help 40% more people than we are currently able to.

What are the timelines of the project?

In April 2023 we received full planning permission, in Summer 2023 all services, staff and volunteers relocated to various temporary sites, including our In-Patient Unit, which has moved to a specially adapted building in Camberly. In August 2023 we bade farewell to our existing hospice in a series of commemorative events and in September 2023 enabling works started on site in Farnham. The main building works will commence in early 2024 and complete end of 2025. And we shall open the new Hospice in early 2026.

How can you help?

The new Hospice is urgently required yet the decision to build was not taken lightly. Our trustees have planned for this project for many years, allocating £10 million in reserves to the project, however this leaves £6 million for the charity to raise.  This £6 million target is above and beyond the millions of pounds we continue to have to raise each year to fund our services. It’s an extraordinary challenge.  We sincerely hope our loyal supporters and our local community will rise to the occasion and support our capital fundraising appeal. With your help we can succeed.

If you can help our fundraising campaign, please contact our Campaign Director, Peter Foxton, on 01252 729449 or email [email protected]

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