Minibus donation

Local hospice care charity Phyllis Tuckwell has recently received a very generous donation of a minibus, from Emmanuel Church in Normandy.

Emmanuel Church bought the minibus several years ago, but no longer had a need for it, and so wanted to donate it to a good cause where it would be more useful. Phyllis Tuckwell, which provides supportive and end of life care for local patients and families who are living with an advanced or terminal illness, such as cancer, will use the minibus to transport patients to and from its Hospice in Farnham and Beacon Centre in Guildford. Here, they can receive medical and nursing care, attend therapy, counselling and Living Well sessions, and access advice on claiming benefits.

At 16-seats, the minibus is the largest vehicle which Phyllis Tuckwell has, enabling it to transport many more patients, save on petrol costs and reduce emissions. The seats can also be removed, allowing for three patients in wheelchairs to travel in the minibus at one time, compared to Phyllis Tuckwell’s previous largest vehicle which could only take two wheelchairs. It will be driven by Phyllis Tuckwell’s staff and volunteers, as many patients are taken to and from the Hospice and Beacon Centre by its volunteer drivers, who give their time freely to help patients access the care they need.

“Many of our patients have mobility difficulties and find it hard to get to the Hospice,” says Jaci Curtis-Donnelly, Director of People & Estates at Phyllis Tuckwell. “This incredibly generous donation of a minibus will enable us to help many more patients to access our care much more easily.”

Every day, Phyllis Tuckwell supports over 250 patients, relatives and carers, offering medical and nursing care, therapies, counselling, social work advice and practical support. However, as annually the NHS/Government usually only covers about 20% of its costs, it has to raise over £25,000 a day to be able to offer all its services. Generous donations of items such as this minibus are there hugely important and very gratefully received.

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