Light up a Life 2022

Thank you for visiting this page for further information about our Light Up a Life events.

Our Light Up A Life celebrations for 2022 will consist of two events:

Service of Remembrance: Sunday 4th December, 5.30pm at Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham – All are welcome to attend in person or watch the live stream of the service online.

Guildford Cathedral Illumination: Thursday 8th December, 6.30pm – 10pm at Guildford Cathedral – All are welcome to come and view the names of those being remembered as they are projected up onto the front of the Cathedral.

Full details to be confirmed.

Light up a Life – Service of Remembrance, Sunday 5th December 2021

Click below to see a recording of the 2021 service at the Hospice, followed by a scrolling list of those we remember, so you are able to watch the service and share the link with family and friends. If you wish to just see the list of names, this starts at 27mins 40 secs in the video below. (Apologies, but there were a few technical issues with the live-streaming of the service, so there are four places in the video where it appears to stop…just leave it playing and it will start again):

The Order of Service and Book of Remembrance is now available to be viewed and downloaded here.

We hope that by inviting people to attend in person, watch it live online and to watch the recording we will be able to share this event with everyone. It was very special in 2020 to hear that people from all over the country, and even internationally were able to join with family and friends, near and far in pausing to remember their loved ones. We hope this event will again be a comfort to a large audience of people whether in person at the Hospice or at a distance, online. Please do share the link to this page with anyone who you feel might take comfort from this service. (They don’t have to have received care from Phyllis Tuckwell – this event is for anyone who would appreciate a time to pause and remember at this time of year.)

Light up a Life – light projection onto Guildford Cathedral, Tuesday 7th December 2021

We are very grateful to Guildford Cathedral for allowing us to return for one evening to project up onto the front of the Cathedral our Christmas tree and the names of all those being remembered through Light up a Life 2021.  

To see a video of the names we displayed on the evening CLICK LINK below: