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The End of Life Care Strategy published by the Department of Health recognised that care for dying people was rather fragmented, with some patients receiving excellent care and others not having access to such high quality. This needs to change so that all GPs and healthcare professionals are trained to give the optimum care that patients deserve at the end of life, ensuring equality for all.

As a Centre of Excellence with many highly trained and specialised staff, it is part of our remit to improve palliative care in our community. One of the ways we do this is through the provision of training programmes.

The links below list our current courses for Health and Care Professionals.

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Student practice placements

Palliative and end of life care provides an opportunity to provide truly holistic care and includes the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects to each patient and their relatives.

Here at Phyllis Tuckwell, we welcome students, offer a unique learning environment and can provide a variety of clinical placements, which includes with our Hospice Care at Home team, on the In-Patient Unit and with our Living Well team who work closely with our medical team, clinical nurse specialists and a range of specialties such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Students often include undergraduate nursing students & nursing associates, medical & social work students, paramedics, physiotherapy & occupational therapy students, and are supported by practice supervisors, practice assessors and practice educators throughout their placement. We offer high quality support and supervision to ensure students gain a valuable learning experience. Placements are arranged through the Phyllis Tuckwell Education team and local universities.

Some examples of learning opportunities include:

  • Holistic person-centred care encompassing physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual care.
  • Pain and symptom management in palliative and end of life care.
  • Medicine management and use of syringe pumps
  • Communication with dying patients and their relatives.
  • Assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patients’ care.
  • Care of bereaved families.
  • Multi-disciplinary team workin.
  • Awareness of Patient and Family Support (PAFS) team.
  • Multi agency collaborative working with our local partners.

Recent practice placement feedback

"This has been a fantastic learning opportunity." (2nd year Student Nurse)

"I have learnt so much! I feel I have achieved all my learning objectives. This is by far my favourite student placement to date." (3rd Paramedic Student)

"I have felt very supported. Any student would be lucky to have Phyllis Tuckwell as their placement." (3rd Year Student Nurse)

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Clinical apprenticeships

Here at Phyllis Tuckwell, we offer a wide range of education, training and career development opportunities. Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to further develop your career and are a great way for individuals to earn while they learn.

We currently offer:

  • Level 3 Health & Social Care apprenticeships (duration 18 months).
  • Nursing Associate apprenticeship (level 5, duration 24 months, Foundation degree, approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council).
  • Registered Nurse Degree apprenticeship (level 6, typically 48 months, approved by the Nursing and Midwifery council).
  • We hope to offer other allied healthcare professional apprenticeships soon.
  • Non-clinical apprenticeships are also available, depending on the department in which the member of staff is working.
Our Education team with Preceptorship qualification


At Phyllis Tuckwell, we are proud to offer a Preceptorship Programme, benchmarked against National Standards. Our programme has earned the prestigious “National Preceptorship for Nursing QM”, underscoring our commitment to providing a gold-standard development for our Preceptees.

We recognise that transitioning into palliative care can be significant step, and our Preceptorship Programme has been developed to support your transition and development in your first year with us. From the moment you join Phyllis Tuckwell, you will benefit from a holistic approach that integrates wellbeing initiatives, reflective practice encouraging continuous personal and professional growth, while our focus on Quality Improvement (QI) will empower you to deliver the highest standard of care. Our structured training programmes are designed to provide you with a clear and thorough pathway, guiding you through every step of your transition. Moreover, you will receive unwavering support from experienced preceptors who are dedicated to your success.

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Work experience

We offer year 10 work experience. We aim to offer a broad experience across all teams, so they have a positive experience of the world of work.

Clinical work experience is managed within specific teams. For more information, please contact the Education team on or by calling 01252 729474.