Hospice Care Week Highlights Teams Behind-the-Scenes

9th-15th October is Hospice Care Week, a national campaign organised and co-ordinated by Hospice UK, which this year highlights the large number of people, in different teams and roles, who are involved in providing hospice care.

Phyllis Tuckwell’s HR team is just one of many that provides behind-the-scenes support for its doctors, nurses and other care staff.

When we hear the words hospice care, we may think of doctors, nurses, therapists and counsellors, but there are many more people who are involved in making sure that those who are living with an advanced or terminal illness get the care and support they need. Fundraisers, social work advisors, voluntary services coordinators, finance administrators, education coordinators, HR assistants, housekeepers, retail staff, drivers, chaplains, receptionists, IT technicians and many others all play a vital part in providing this important care.

In West Surrey and North-East Hampshire, adult hospice care is provided by Phyllis Tuckwell. This local charity offers medical, nursing and therapeutic care, but also provides counselling, social work advice and pastoral care to its patients and their families.

“Our care teams are the face of our service, providing vital support to those who really need us,” said Sarah Church, Chief Executive at Phyllis Tuckwell. “But we also offer other services that many people don’t know about, such as help with claiming illness or carer benefits, bereavement support for families whose loved one has died, guidance for schools on how to support bereaved students, and education sessions for other local healthcare providers. Behind the scenes, there are many teams whose job it is to make sure that our doctors, nurses, therapists and other care staff have the equipment, IT support and materials that they need to be able to do their job. Volunteers help us in every area of our organisation, managed by our Voluntary Services team, and our fundraisers work with our wonderful local community to raise the money we need to be able to pay for all of these services. It’s a massive team effort, and one that I feel very proud to be part of.”

If you would like to find out more about Phyllis Tuckwell and the care it provides, please visit www.pth.org.uk.

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