Outpatient Referral (Dove Centre/Beacon Centre)

Patients may be referred directly to Phyllis Tuckwell’s outpatient services or may be seen as an outpatient while receiving other Hospice Care services. Please contact us for more information regarding outpatient referrals and also note that patients need to be well enough to attend as an outpatient.

Outpatients can be helpful for:

• Seeing more than one professional at a time
• Efficiency / time management
• Opportunity for patient and relative to see the wider Hospice and/or Beacon Centre facilities
• Supportive environment: Refreshments, information leaflets, staff and volunteer support (including transport where needed)

Outpatient services cover the following areas:

• Clinical Nurse Specialist
• Medical led clinic
• Complementary therapies
• Physiotherapy
• Occupational therapy (leaflet available for referrals in NE Hampshire)
• Groups – fatigue management, breathlessness, ‘Well-being’ sessions
• Counselling
• Benefits and entitlement advice
• Opportunity to meet other patients and carers for mutual support.


Outpatient referral is via the usual SWSH specialist palliative care referral form (if needing wider Hospice Care services) or a comprehensive clinical letter.