Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice has an 18-bed In-Patient Unit (IPU) comprised of two 4-bed bays and ten single rooms. Patients may be admitted for:

• General admissions: symptom management, palliative rehabilitation, palliative interventions, and end of life care
• Respite: planned or emergency respite
• Patients may be admitted from the Hospice catchment area, and the Beacon and Midhurst Macmillan Palliative Care Services. Out of area referrals are considered.

Inpatient General Admissions

Referrals to the In-Patient Unit may be on patients known to Phyllis Tuckwell or new referrals. If the referral is new, the SWSH specialist palliative care referral form should be completed.

For patients known to Phyllis Tuckwell an internal form with request details should be completed by the clinical team member making or receiving the request. If the request is urgent the referrer should phone and ask to speak to the nurse or doctor on duty for admissions.

Post-event e.g. following radiotherapy for Spinal Cord Compression, RIG insetion
Interventions e.g. blood transfusions, bisphosphonates, straightforward paracentesis

Emergency respite
May be defined as an emergency admission when a carer can no longer maintain their carer role, and can only be offered as a short term solution.

Respite Care / Planned (elective) respite
May be defined as a planned admission to the In-Patient Unit for a defined period in response to patient and/or carer need. One IPU bed is ‘allocated’ as a respite bed, with some flexibility allowing for clinical and social need.

Respite may be offered to patients who fulfil ALL of the following criteria:

• Patients with advanced progressive disease who are clinically stable and under the care of Phyllis Tuckwell or Macmillan Service.
• Patients who have been identified as requiring nursing and therapy care for emotional, physical or social support and for whom respite will assist the main carer or the patient themselves to rest
• Patients who are highly dependent on their carer.
• Patients who can be supported in remaining in their own home by respite admissions (single or regular).
• Patients for whom an appropriate care alternative is not appropriate.

If the patient is not already under Phyllis Tuckwell a SWSH specialist palliative care referral form will need to be completed. PTHC and Midhurst services use an internal referral form to refer for a respite admission.