Care at Home

The aim of this service is to enable choice for patients to remain at home, if this is their preference, and to respond to clinical deterioration in times of need.

The Care at Home team, including the direct nursing care provided by our Hospice Care at Home (HCAH) nursing team, provides practical palliative nursing for patients who have symptomatic needs at the end of their life and support for their families.

Direct referrals to the service can be made using the SWSH Cancer Network Specialist Palliative Care referral form.  Referral may be considered for patients who are appropriate for specialist palliative care and:

• Believed to be in last few weeks of life
• Wish to be at home
• Who are well symptom managed requiring only end of life nursing
• Who require respite care
• Patients may already be known to Phyllis Tuckwell.

The service may also be appropriate for patients who clinically deteriorate rapidly or who experience a psychosocial crisis and need additional support to stay at home, even if life expectancy is thought to be longer than a few weeks.