Training and Education

Jane Coleman, Sian Williams, Alison Crainie

The End of Life Care Strategy published by the Department of Health recognised that care for dying people was rather fragmented, with some patients receiving excellent care and others not having access to such high quality. This needs to change so that for all GPs and Healthcare professionals are trained to give the optimum care that patients deserve at the end of life ensuring equity for all.

As a Centre for Excellence with many highly trained and specialised staff, it is part of our remit to improve Palliative Care in our community. One of the ways we do this is through the provision of training programmes.

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If you are interested in signing up to one of our training programmes or educational workshops, please contact Alison Goodway, Education Coordinator, on 01252 729474 or email

Education Quote Jan 18 – Caroline, Assessment & Symptom Management
Education Quote Jan 18 – Cathy, Care in Advanced Illness for Health and Social Care Assistants
Education Quote Jan 18 – Gary, Care in advanced illness for health and social care assistances
Education Quote Jan 18 – Kelly, McKinley
Education Quote Jan 18 – Lynn, Changing Gear in the last weeks of life
Education Quote Jan 18 – Lynn, Comms and Advanced Planning