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Funeral Collections

Organise a Funeral Collection

When planning a funeral or memorial service, some people choose to ask for donations instead of flowers in memory of their loved one. If you would like to collect donations at a funeral or memorial service, we can provide special donation envelopes. These envelopes can be placed on pews or tables, and each has space to write bank card details or to place a cheque, and information about Gift Aid. The envelopes have our address on, so those attending can also choose to send these back later on if they prefer.

Alongside the donation envelopes you can also choose to write our name, telephone number or website on the order of service. If you choose to set up an online tribute fund, you will then get a unique website address which can be written in the order of service. If you would like to order some envelopes or have any questions please email or call 01252 729446.

Alternatively, if you would like talk directly to our In-Memoriam Officer, Hannah Rates, please email or call 01252 729446.

When sending a collection back to us, or dropping it in to the reception at the Hospice in Farnham, please include a short covering letter with your name and address, and the name of the person it has been collected in memory of.

We like to write to the family or next of kin to thank them for thinking of us, so we would be very grateful if you could include these details within your letter.