Other Ways to Donate

There are so many ways to support Phyllis Tuckwell. Here are a few suggestions, however if you would like to discuss some other way to support us please do not hesitate to contact the Fundraising team on 01252 729446 or email fundraising@pth.org.uk.

Celebrate & Donate!
Are you planning for a special occasion? Perhaps your birthday is coming up, or a wedding anniversary is approaching? If friends are asking what to buy you, and you’d like to do things a little differently this year – why not choose to celebrate and donate! Ask friends and family to donate to Phyllis Tuckwell in lieu of gifts, and celebrate your special occasion knowing that you are making a real difference to the lives of those who are living with a terminal illness. For more information on how you can Celebrate & Donate, call our Fundraising team on 01252 729446 or email fundraising@pth.org.uk.
Easy Fundraising
It doesn’t cost you anything – just shop online using our partner retailers including: Amazon, John Lewis, M&S and over 2,700 others. When you sign up, every time you make a purchase, they will donate money to our charity.
Give As You Earn (GAYE) scheme
Making payday count through a Payroll Giving scheme is an increasingly popular and extremely tax-efficient way to raise money for Phyllis Tuckwell. Why is it so good? Because it is tax free. Deductions are made from gross pay, and instead of having to sign a Gift Aid form to enable us to claim back the tax, the tax is added on to your donation. Simple and effective! Who can do it? Anyone whose pay or pension is taxed through PAYE and whose employer offers a Payroll Giving scheme. And if yours doesn’t and you’d like them to, why not ask them to contact us – it’s easy to set up!
Old/Foreign Coins
You can help us to raise money by donating old or foreign coins and bank notes. We can recycle British, foreign, current, obsolete, imperial and decimal coins and notes – simply take them to one of our shops or drop them in the Donation Station in the Hospice reception area.