Glasswalk 2018

24/02/20181:30 pm - 6:00 pm


Are you a bit of a daredevil? Do you love to test yourself and take on new challenges? Join us on 24th February and sign up for Phyllis Tuckwell’s first ever Glasswalk!

What is a glasswalk?
Glasswalking literally is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of broken glass.  The lane itself is between 10 – 15 ft long.

Why should I take part?
Learning to walk over glass is all about overcoming the fear that is preventing you from taking that all important first step, not just in the glasswalk but in any walk of life. This is the same fear that prevents people from having all they desire and being all they can be. Taking part in the glasswalk event leaves you with an understanding that you are truly capable of anything and that the only thing that is stopping you, is you!

So if you need the confidence to believe in yourself, taking part in this glasswalk will help you, it is not just about walking over broken glass, or even raising the vital funds for Phyllis Tuckwell, it is also about giving yourself the power to believe in you, and all you can be.

There is no ‘mumbo jumbo’ involved, no hypnotism or anything along those lines, purely a very entertaining seminar beforehand where you can learn to believe in yourself, become more confident and to learn how to relax and let the little things go!

The glasswalk can prove to be a really rewarding and unforgettable experience, learning a lot that can be applied to your every day lives.

Date: Saturday 24th February
Time: 1.30pm for a 2pm start
Location: The Star Inn function room in Guildford for seminar, then outside for the Glasswalk
Tickets: £30 registration fee with a sponsorship target of £150

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