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Care Quality Commission (CQC) report

The CQC is the independent regulator of all health and adult social care in England. Their job is to make sure that care provided by hospitals, dentists, ambulances, care homes, hospices and services in people's homes and elsewhere meets national standards of quality and safety.

You can find out about our ratings and reports here.

As part of their monitoring and inspection process, in October 2021, the CQC inspected our services managed through the Beacon Centre in Guildford. We were delighted to receive a GOOD rating, by achieving all the requirements and received a very positive written report from the inspector. You can view the report on the CQC website here.

CQC inspection report for the Beacon Centre

Back in July 2016, the CQC inspected Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice as part of a routine inspection. We were delighted to achieve all the requirements expected and to receive a very positive written report from the inspector. You can view the October 2016 CQC report on the CQC website.

CQC inspection report for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

Previous reports:

CQC Inspection Report - July 2014

CQC Inspection Report - November 2013

CQC Inspection Report - January 2013


Quality Accounts

Quality Accounts are annual reports to the public from organisations that provide NHS services. They provide information about the quality of the services which that organisation delivers.

The public, patients and others with an interest will use a Quality Account to understand:

  • what an organisation is doing well;
  • where improvements in service quality are required;
  • what the organisation's priorities for improvement are for the coming year; and,
  • how the organisation has involved people who use their services, staff, and others with an interest in their organisation in determining these priorities for improvement.

Quality Accounts aim to enhance accountability to the public and engage the leaders of an organisation in their quality improvement agenda.

Quality Account 2022-23

Quality Account 2021-22

Quality Account 2020-21


Patient Surveys

We are committed to developing improving standards at Phyllis Tuckwell to ensure our patients feel safe and have good experiences whilst under our care. As part of monitoring our service, the feedback we receive involves anyone who has access to our services, enabling us to look at different perspectives of not just the patient, but from carers also. Our staff are then able to focus on any issues and continuously improve our services.

PLACE (patient led assessment of the care environment) - 2022

PLACE is a tool, recommended by The Department of Health and Social Care, for assessing the quality of the patient environment. It provides an annual snapshot to organisations of how their environment is seen by those using it and provides insight into areas for improvement.

PLACE is recommended as good practice and an effective way of assessing and monitoring progress in areas identified as requiring improvement. Questions score towards the six non-clinical domains:

  • Cleanliness
  • Food/Hydration
  • Privacy, Dignity and Wellbeing
  • Condition, Appearance and Maintenance
  • Dementia
  • Disability

The PLACE was completed in the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice (PT), Farnham across two days, the PT assessment team comprised of patients, volunteers and staff and was conducted over two days.

Each PLACE visit generated a score in the six separate domains. We have received the results of this year's inspection in all six areas of the inspection, and these are highlighted in the following graph, which shows the scores in each domain against the national average. Overall, the highest national average domain score in 2022 was for cleanliness, at 98.01%.

The patients and volunteers involved in the assessment were asked a final question about their 'lasting impression' - they all said that they are 'very confident' that the environment supported good care.

The results and action plan was communicated to the Clinical Governance Sub-Committee and to department managers for cascading and action.

PLACE site scores

Feedback about our services Survey

This survey is for our patients, families and carers regarding their experience of Phyllis Tuckwell. The survey can help us to measure and improve the quality of our services, as well as to inform the public about the benefits and challenges of Hospice Care.

Living Well Patient Survey

The Living Well survey is for patients undertaking one of the Living Well programmes, it is a way of collecting feedback from them about their experiences, needs, and outcomes. The survey can help to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of the programmes, identify areas for improvement, and inform future planning and delivery.


Clinical Governance

Charity Commission

The Charity Commission for England and Wales is established by law as the regulator and registrar for charities in England and Wales. Their aim is to provide the best possible regulation of these charities in order to increase charities' efficiency and effectiveness and public confidence and trust in them.

Charity Law

The Charity Law Association was established at the end of 1992 with the aim of enabling those who advise on or use charity law to meet together, to exchange ideas and intelligence and to use their experience and expertise for the benefit of the charity sector.

Institute of Fundraising

The Insititute of Fundraising is the professional body for UK fundraising. They support fundraisers, through leadership, representation, setting standards, and training, and they champion fundraising as a career choice. Their members abide by a Code of Conduct and to the Codes of Fundraising Practice and they offer professional recognition and peer support.

Fundraising Regulator

The Fundraising Regulator offers the public a 'mark of reassurance' to look for when giving to charities in the future and they handle public complaints about how their members raise money. They're here to help you give with confidence, so the next time you put money in a tin, sponsor someone to run a marathon or receive a mailing in the post, you can look for the logo. They represent an important commitment by charities to ensure that the public can continue to give with confidence to a sector that last year raised £8.9 billion for its good work.

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