Our Mission

Mission, Goals and Values

Easy access to compassionate supportive and end of life care for patients and families in a place of their choice.

Mission Statement

To care compassionately for adults living with an advanced or terminal illness, and those closest to them, so that they have the best possible quality of life and the patients’ final days are peaceful
…because every day is precious

  • Patient Care: to offer a choice and range of specialist services on our In-Patient Unit, at the Beacon Centre, in the home and community
  • Financial Security: to secure sustainable income to allow us to continue to provide and develop our services to patients free at the point of delivery
  • Staff and volunteer experience: to ensure we are a skilled and motivated team of staff and volunteers who take pride in working for the Phyllis Tuckwell
  • Centre of Excellence: to deliver best practice care, specialist training to healthcare professionals and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Environment: to provide a place that is welcoming, safe, secure and well-maintained
  • Independence: to maintain our status as a self-governing and independent charity whilst working in partnership with others.