Complaints Policies

Phyllis Tuckwell complaints policy
Phyllis Tuckwell has an internal complaints policy and procedure for each department or service. If you have a complaint you wish to report, please see our Have Your Say leaflet and call the Phyllis Tuckwell main switchboard on 01252 729400.

(Fundraising Standards Board/Fundraising Regulator)
The Fundraising Standards Board/Fundraising Regulator offers the public a ‘mark of reassurance’ to look for when giving to charities in the future and they handle public complaints about how their members’ raise money. They’re here to help you give with confidence, so the next time you put money in a tin, sponsor someone to run a marathon or receive a mailing in the post, you can look for the tick – it’s your mark of reassurance. They represent an important commitment by charities to ensure that the public can continue to give with confidence to a sector that last year raised £8.9 billion for its good work.