Catchment Area

For over 40 years Phyllis Tuckwell has been providing care to local people across our catchment area of the whole of West Surrey and part of North East Hampshire, an area of 550,000 residents.

This care could be on our In-Patient Unit in Camberley, at the Beacon Centre in Guildford, or in patients’ own homes, care homes or community hospitals across our area.

The catchment area is defined by the catchment areas of the GPs we support and where their patients live. Across our area we support 66 GP practices.

Our In-Patient Unit would also care for people from outside our catchment area, if there were reasons why it would be best for the patient to be cared for there (perhaps where a close relative lives, allowing easier visits).

In addition to patient care, we also have shops in the main towns in our area, maintaining a presence in high streets, reinforcing the message that we care for local people and providing centres of community for people who wish to maintain close ties to Phyllis Tuckwell.