£50, 50 days – How Much Will YOUR Company Raise?

£50, 50 days – How Much Will YOUR Company Raise?

Calling all local businesses – it’s your last chance to register for Phyllis Tuckwell’s Accumulator Challenge. Join the 30 companies who have already signed up to take on the task, and help raise money for local Hospice Care.

Each team will be given £50 and 50 days – and challenged to find innovative ways to make as much profit as they can for Phyllis Tuckwell. At the end of the challenge, each team will be asked to return their £50 along with their profits. An initial fundraising target has been set at £500 per team, but when rivalry and competitiveness come into play, who knows what figure the top teams will hit!

Buy goods to take to auction, sponsor the boss to make the tea for a week, hold a pancake race or even invest the money on the stock exchange! The teams can be as creative as they like, and Phyllis Tuckwell’s Corporate Fundraisers will be there to support them along the way.

The challenge will begin on Monday 15th January and end 50 days later, on Monday 5th March, with the winners announced at an awards ceremony later that month. Prizes will also be awarded for the best team name and most innovative fundraising idea, as well as many other top initiatives.

All of the money raised will go towards funding the supportive and end of life care which Phyllis Tuckwell provides for local patients and families who are living with a terminal illness such as cancer. Every day it supports over 250 patients, relatives and carers – in their own homes, in the community, at the Hospice in Farnham and at the Beacon Centre in Guildford – through medical and nursing care, therapies, counselling, social work advice and practical support. However, as the NHS/ Government only covers 20% of its costs, it has to raise over £20,000 a day to be able to offer all of these services, which are given free of charge to its patients and their families.

Sign your company up now to make sure you don’t miss out on this local networking opportunity. Prove your ingenuity, strengthen teamwork and morale, create some great PR opportunities, show your sense of social responsibility – and have a bit of fun for a good cause!

To register or find out more, email accumulator@pth.org.uk or call Nick Adams, Corporate Fundraising Manager at Phyllis Tuckwell, on 01252 729462.