Caring for you as an inpatient

Julie and nurse IPU

Our passion is to support you and your family, offering comfort and support at this difficult time – as well as at times of hope and joy – to ensure that you are treated with dignity and compassion, because we believe that every day is precious.

At the Hospice we have 18 beds in total on our In-Patient Unit (IPU). The beds are divided of two four-bed bays (one male and one female) and ten single rooms. Two of our single rooms are specially adapted for neurologically and cognitively impaired patients.

Priority is always given to ensure that the dignity and privacy of our patients is maintained at all times, so where possible patients are given a choice of the accommodation they would prefer. If a single room is not available the patient will be offered one as soon as possible, this is usually within a few days. Each room is equipped with a television, telephone and a CD player can also be made available.

The IPU is well equipped with modern facilities to care for patients who require high nursing and medical needs, for example, there is a wonderful Jacuzzi bath which is very popular with patients, a ceiling hoist system to aid the moving and handling of patients and also a walk-in sit-in shower area.

There is bright and spacious sitting room with a Coffee Shop which is open seven days a week 10am – 4pm offering light snacks and refreshments for families and staff as well as the patients, should they wish to use it. There is also an inner courtyard area to be enjoyed and spacious gardens that surround the Hospice.

The IPU has a higher than average nurse to patient ratio and this is reflected in the amount of time spent on nursing care for each individual patient. There is also a team of Doctors who provide 24 hour care for the patients and a large multi-disciplinary team, comprising of many specialities such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Counselling, Chaplaincy Support and Complementary Therapy.

Every patient who stays in our IPU will have access to our In-Patient Unit Information Folder, which will be available next to every bed. This folder has been designed to keep our patients updated with all of the services available as well as handing photos of IPU staff.

The IPU maintains a very high level of hygiene and cleanliness and this is down to our very dedicated housekeeping team, who do everything they can to ensure the IPU is extremely clean and meets all the necessary hygiene standards required.

Our laundry service ensures that fresh linen is always available and that the many items of specialised equipment which we have, such as slings for the hoists, are kept clean, in good condition and ready for use.

Jayne Holland is the Director of Patient Services and is responsible for the overall nursing and therapy services at Phyllis Tuckwell. She is the Registered Manager with accountability to the Care Quality Commission. Should you wish to speak with her, please ask any of the nurses or ward clerks.

For a full list of our Senior and Care Team Managers, please see our Meet the Team page.