Caring for you here

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Everything we do at Phyllis Tuckwell is provided to ensure that our patients and their families are cared for and supported. We hope you will have a good experience of our Hospice Care.

We care for patients, and their carers and relatives, across our three main services; In-Patient Unit, Care at Home and Living Well sessions. Our In-Patient Unit and some Living Well services are based at the Hospice in Farnham, and Living Well services and Hospice Care at Home from the Beacon Centre in Guildford.

If there is anything further you wish to know about our 18-bed In-Patient Unit, please see our inpatient FAQs page or do not hesitate to contact us on 01252 729400 

For further information about our Day Hospice or other Living Well services, go to our webpage or do not hesitate to contact us on 01252 729400