Patient and Family Advice

Patient and family advice

Working out who to contact or how to access funding can be confusing when there is so much going on – this is where our Patient and Family Advice team can help. Our team provides advice and bereavement support to professionals from schools, as well as for families. We also provide positive parentaing strategies strategies (i.e. support to bereaved parents to adjust to their new role as a single parent).

We work with the local Social Services departments and the NHS to ensure that anyone who requires support is able to access it. This could be care in your own home or, if you can no longer manage, a nursing home. 

For more information on how our social services helps patients, carers and their families please watch our short video below and contact us on [email protected]

Benefits & Entitlement Support

It is sometimes difficult to know which way to turn or what to do following the diagnosis of a serious illness. Our patient and family advisors are able to offer their time and expertise with advice and support to both patients and their carers to access financial, practical and legal matters.

We hope to take the stress and tedium out of form filling and chasing people at a time when you would rather be with your loved ones.

For more information on the areas where we can help you, please read our ‘Because you’re important too’ booklet or contact the Patient and Family Support team on 01252 729430 or email [email protected]