Open House

Drop in sessions

Every week, Phyllis Tuckwell opens the doors for our Open House sessions, part of our Living Well service.

Anybody who would like to find out more about the care and support we offer to those living with a terminal illness, such as cancer, Motor Neurone Disease or lung disease, is welcome to visit any of our Open House sessions. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to greet visitors and answer any questions they may have, in a relaxed and informal setting.

At Phyllis Tuckwell, we provide medical and clinical care, therapies, counselling, patient and family advice and practical support for our patients and their families and carers, at Headway House in Farnham, the Beacon Centre in Guildford and in patients’ own homes.

Perhaps a loved one has recently been referred to Phyllis Tuckwell, or you yourself have an advanced or terminal illness.

Beacon Centre – Every Friday from 11am-2.30pm


These sessions will give those visiting an opportunity to see how our day sessions run at each of our sites, as well as being able to meet and chat with the nurses. You can talk about hospice care and see how our key services work together.