Referral Process

How to refer

Referrals are made using our downloadable referral form which needs to be completed by the patient’s GP, Hospital Doctor, Macmillan Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist or District Nurse and returned to us by fax or in the post.

Please note, the referral form consists of three pages which will need to be fully completed. Once completed please email

Medical Secretaries

Patient Referrals
Phyllis Tuckwell
Waverley Lane

Additional information request

Please remember to include all relevant clinical and diagnostic information with the referral form, this helps the clinicians with their review of all referrals and is vital for the effective assessment of patients and their families. FAILURE TO COMPLETE THE REFERRAL FORM THOROUGHLY CAN CAUSE DELAYS IN REFERRALS.

Urgent referrals

Where the referral is urgent, please call 01252 729400 and ask to speak to the medical (community or inpatient) secretaries and they will ensure a clinician responds to your call.

Our action

The referral will be triaged within 2 working days of receipt. If a referral form has not been completed fully, this can cause a delay.