Mission, Goals and Values

Easy access to compassionate supportive and end of life care for patients and families in a place of their choice.

Mission Statement
To care compassionately for adults living with a terminal illness, and those closest to them, so that they have the best possible quality of life and the patients’ final days are peaceful
…because every day is precious


  • Patient Care: to offer a choice and range of specialist services in the Hospice, at the Beacon Centre, in the home and community
  • Financial Security: to secure sustainable income to allow us to continue to provide and develop our services to patients free at the point of delivery
  • Staff and volunteer experience: to ensure we are a skilled and motivated team of staff and volunteers who take pride in working for the Phyllis Tuckwell
  • Centre of Excellence: to deliver best practice care, specialist training to healthcare professionals and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Environment: to provide a place that is welcoming, safe, secure and well-maintained
  • Independence: to maintain our status as a self-governing and independent charity whilst working in partnership with others


  • Vision: To always put the patient first and at the heart of all we do.
  • Actions: To act with honesty, integrity and in the best interests of Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care.
  • Learning: To support each other by fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.
  • Understanding: To treat others with dignity, respect and understanding.
  • Effective: To use resources and time wisely and work in productive partnerships
  • Safe: To ensure workplace Health & Safety and promote personal wellbeing.

Strategic Review
Everything we do is driven by our belief “because every day is precious” – which captures the real reason why we’re here. We have prepared a three-year plan that outlines four strategic priorities and objectives to deliver our vision and mission. For a copy of the report please select below.

Strategic Review 2016-2019