Data Protection

PATIENTS: How we use your personal information

We hold your details electronically in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. We take every care to safeguard confidential information.

Information relating to your diagnosis, care and treatment will be shared across the Phyllis Tuckwell Multi-disciplinary Hospice Care Team to ensure all the healthcare professionals can provide good care.

Sometimes your clinical information will need to be shared with other healthcare professionals such as your GP, Community Nurses, hospital teams and Social Services, in order that they can provide the care you need. You can request us not to share your information with other professionals but this may affect their ability to care for you properly. You are entitled to state if you do not wish any of your details discussed with your next-of-kin, other family member or carers.

We may also use your information in the following ways:

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and we are required by law to submit patients’ contact details on request, unless patients have requested otherwise.
We provide fully anonymised grouped information about how patients use our services for national monitoring and evaluations.
In order to monitor and improve our standards of care we undertake regular audits of patient care. Staff outside of the care team may be involved in this process and they will also keep patient information confidential.

We may use anonymous data e.g. number of patients, percentage of patients to apply to Trusts for gain additional funding.

We may use very specific personal information but this will always be with the person’s signed consent. We will only their approved image/story/quotes for three years.
Our staff will not divulge any information relating to patients and their families to the media or anyone else without consent.

In line with the Access to Health Records Act 1990, you have a legal right to access your own records. For further details about this, or any other information on how we use or protect your information, please read the “Your Healthcare Record” leaflet or ask to speak to the Medical Director or the Director of Patient Services for further details.